IPwatchD - IP conflict detection tool for Linux

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IPwatchD was written and is maintained by Jaroslav Imrich - jariq(at)jariq(dot)sk

Many thanks goes to:

Marc Merlin
... for his arppatch that helped me to understand IP conflicts.

Justin Maggard
... for testing and various fixes.

Jérémy Bobbio
... for libnotify 0.7 compatibility fix.

Andrej Babolčai
... for helping me to perform tests with various operating systems and Gratuitous ARP.

Tomáš Haluška
... for giving me a hand with this website.

Martin Belian
... for his contribution to the desktop notification part.

Luboš Rendek
... for creating an alternative source of information about IPwatchD at linuxconfig.org.


© 2007-2013 Jaroslav Imrich